Kenta Kitagawa

** Note: In the original Japanese version of "Digimon Tamers", Kenta is 10 years old at the beginning of the show, not 13.

At first, even I didn't know that Kenta would become a digimon tamer.
That's why Kenta doesn't appear in the opening sequence.

One of the things that affected me very strongly during the screening of the very first episode was the scene where Takato, Kazu, and Kenta are playing with the Digimon cards.

No matter how many times I heard their conversation, it didn't sound like a bunch of grown women "performing" parts.
It sounded like real children talking to each other in a natural way, and it made me very happy.

At first, Kenta was to be treated the same as any of Takato's classmates.
But after seeing that first episode, he became a character that was featured more and more often in the series.

Kenta was more or less the debut of the voice actress, Ms. Kiriko Aoyama.
Her rendition of Kenta was very laid-back and relaxed.

Takato and his friend's elementary school was named after a school that was no longer in existence. Later, I was surprised to learn that Ms. Aoyama had actually attended this school.
By a further coincidence, the actual West Shinjuku Elementary school was built on the same land. Ms. Aoyama was very amused by this coincidence.