Design Works bv Shinji Aramaki


Mr. Shinji Aramaki officially joined our team from the second story arc onwards as a "Computer Graphic (CG) Designer".
Here, I'd like to introduce Mr. Aramaki's digital design images.

Mr. Aramaki and I have worked together on several projects in the past. Originally, his specialty was in mechanic design, but lately his skill at directing 3D CG has been used in many video games. From the beginning of the Digimon Tamers project, I had thought of the idea that the tamers and the digimon would become one... but I was not sure if this could be done without having the tamers climbing into digimon mecha, and I was not certain if this could be portrayed in a "digital" fashion.

At this point, I introduced Mr. Aramaki to Director Kaizawa and Producer Seki, and requested that he participate in our project. As you can see from the date, the image board on the left is from an early stage of pre-production. The basic image has carried on in the Tamer Ball used in the final product.

The "zone" is an area where the Real World and Digital World have overlapped. I requested Mr. Aramaki to make the image board to depict this. The colors ended up changing, but this board became the basis for the blinking square block-pattern in the show.
I most wanted Mr. Aramaki's help with the visual concepts for the Digital World, as it appears in "Digimon Tamers". How would we show a Digital World different from the one in previous seasons, unique to "Digimon Tamers"? The first image that came to my mind as I created the story was based on actual network OSI models, with a Dante's Inferno-style image of going deeper and deeper into the Digital World. I also thought that there should be many levels of "mini-worlds" where various digimon lived.

The idea of introducing 3D materials as the background animation of the 2D characters was brought up, and Mr. Yoshito Watanabe worked with the Toei Animation Digital Contents Division to create the Digital World of "Digimon Tamers". The very first concept art for this was the wild desolate land, with the Real World sphere floating above it. This way of showing the Real World was undoubtedly due to Mr. Aramaki's ideas.

With the impact of these new, clear, and detailed visuals of the Digital World, we script-writers were able to weave together the story of "Digimon Tamers".
Mr. Aramaki was in charge of direction and contents for the Biomerge/Digivolution scenes into the three Mega forms (Gallantmon, MegaGargomon, and Sakuyamon). This was all that Mr. Aramaki had been asked to do; however, he was also responsible for the image of the tamers within the digimon (the Tamer Ball), the images of the D-Reaper Zone as it appears in the Real World, and even the B2-A stealth jets that appear in episode 49.

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