Chronicle of the Digital World
and Virtual Creatures


I created this timeline at the same time as the D-Reaper report, in order to help with the creation of the series.
In white text are historical events;all other events were created by myself.

Digital (Network) World
Real World
The world's first computer virus (worm) infects ALPAnet (network for the Department of Defense). It is deleted by the Reaper program.
The SIGINT (SIGnal INTerception) system known as Echelon begins operations. Under the leadership of the United States Department of National Security, communications bases are built in various nations across the globe. There is a theory that Echelon's self-defense program may have been a forerunner of the D-Reaper.
Digimon data begins to flow into the Network (still a very small world). This event was accidental.
Digimon begin autonomous behavior within the Network. Through expansion of the network and volumes of accumulated data on human history and natural history, digimon begin their own "evolution".
The Network equivalent of the Dark Ages. The four Sovereigns defeat opposing forces and become "gods" that protect the digimon and their universe, the Digital World.
At the same time, digimon begin to create "miniverses" which are suited to their character and abilities.
The American Federal Bureau of Investigations activates "Carnivore"(currently known as DCS1000), an e-mail interception and surveillance system.
It is believed that Echelon information surveillance sites were also set up in US Army Occupation Bases in Japan.
Use of the Network becomes widespread, and the amount of data being transmitted increases exponentially. As a result, the active territory available to digimon increases as well.
The Japanese SIGINT Project begins operation, using the main system known as"Hypnos". While Echelon depended largely on broadcast interceptions, Hypnos focussed on the Wired network as well, making the Hypnos system leap to the top class level on the global field.
The Network Surveillance Systems such as Hypnos appear as storms in the Digital World and ravage the land.
One of the four Sovereigns, Azulongmon, senses that the D-Reaper may reactivate from its long hibernation in the deepest pits of the Digital World. Using the power of the Digignomes, Azulongmon changes The Catalyst(a program that accelerates the evolution and Digivolution of digimon) into the form of a digimon called "Calumon", effectively hiding it from sight.>From this point onwards, the autonomous Digivolution of digimon is limited.
1948 -- Cold War Era
The United Kingdom and United States of America enter an agreement.
A secret agreement for the Western nations to work together on a Signal Interception system begins.
Artificial life research using computers begins in various countries.
A primitive simulated life form, the Digignome, is born for the purpose of communication experiments.
In a research facility in Palo Alto, Assistant Professor Rob "Dolphin" McCoy begins research of a virtual wildlife form, "Digimon". Students such as Jiang-Yu Wong participate, calling themselves "The Wild Bunch".
The Digimon Project attracts the attention of young researchers from across the globe. However, the Japanese company funding the research withdraws its support, and the research team disbands.
The digital monsters born of the Digimon project are frozen.
Tierra, an Artificial Life research project focusing on "evolution", begins operations. In the Tierra system, a Reaper program causes mass genocide when lifeforms have multiplied beyond a certain amount of memory.
Gorou "SHIBUMI" Mizuno, a former member of the Wild Bunch, continues his own independent research to expand the digimon program. However, he is in a traffic accident and left in a semi-concious comatose state.
One of major toy manufacturers in Japan makes a portable game based on the Digital Monsters characters. This hit product becomes explosively popular, and children grow to become quite familiar with Digital Monsters.
Digital Monsters are made into a collectible card game. This functions as a sort of communication tool for children to meet new people and make new friends.
The TV animated series "Digimon Adventures" begins broadcast in Japan.
The TV animated series "Digimon Adventures 02" (Season Two) begins broadcast
in Japan.

The Japanese government, lagging behind other countries in the realm of information surveillance, attempts to make up for lost time, begining its own Network Surveillance/Counterespionage SIGINT Project. The basic concepts and implementation are directed by an ambitious young scientist, Mr. Mitsuo Yamaki.
There are an increasing number of errors and accidents caused by the autonomous activity of digimon within the Network. Yamaki terms these "Wild Ones", and begins to eliminate them.
200X (-1)
Rika Nonaka makes continues to win match after match in the Digimon Card Tournament. However, in the final round, she loses against Ryo Akiyama, a young teen from Kyushu.
Some time after this, Ryo is led into the Digital World by Cyberdramon, and continues his journey.
Renamon, Impmon, and Terriermon "Realize" or materialize within metropolitan Shinjuku.
Henry "Jian-liang" Wong meets Terriermon through an American online PC game.
Takato Matsuki interacts with Digignomes and creates Guilmon.

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