ADR Variations


I thought that the enemy in the final story arc should be "an entity that is neither digimon nor human", and thus created the D-Reaper.

While trying to think of how to render this entity, I thought of the celebrated team of designers that "Digimon Tamers" boasted.

There was Mr.Kenji Watanabe, originator of the Digimon virtual pet and game. There was Mr. Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, designer of the human characters. There was Mr. Shinji Aramaki, CG Designer as well as a mechanic and character designer. I believed that if these three were to use their imagination and construct the D-Reaper in competition with each other, an enemy character unlike any ever seen before would be born.

I was fascinated by the wings that Mr. Watanabe drew on the ADR-02, as well as the details of the "digital" creatures, and with all of the designers following his lead, the bountiful variation shown before was the result.

There are some changes in the order of the appearance during production, and they may have different titles according to the published material they appear in, but these are the final drafts.

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ADR = Agent D-Reaper

The D-Reaper can turn into many different forms for purposes such as attack and defence, but none of them have their own individual identity or will;all move according to a single consciousness.

When they operate outside of the D-Reaper Zone, they are connected to the main body with wires.

All of the names given here are code names; within the scripts, they are represented by symbols and numbers. Once a new ADR-type appears, the same ADR may be used over and over, so long as it serves a purpose.
ADR-01 "Jeri Type"

The first D-Reaper "body", sampled from Jeri Kato when she was losing heart. It starts out looking identical to the young girl Jeri, and can evolve into several different versions.

Design: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

"Pendulum Feet"

The first attack-offensive type ADR. It uses its floating extensions to make long-range attacks.

Design: Kenji Watanabe

ADR-02 "Searcher"

Small Aerial Information Gathering Agent. It does not have much offensive capability, but it is very numerous.

Design: Kenji Watanabe

ADR-04 "Bubbles"

Small. It appears in swarms. It bears shockwave cannons on its arms.

Design: Shinji Aramaki

ADR-05 "Creep Hands"

Mid-sized Attack ADR. It uses its arms for locomotion. The arms are also spiral-shaped and can stretch. It battles in hand-to-hand combat.

Design: Shinji Aramaki

"Paratice Head"

Large ADR. Somewhat like the mid-stage boss in a video game. It makes sinister, unpredictable attacks.

Design: Kenji Watanabe

ADR-06 "Horn Striker"

Mid-sized Combat ADR. It is an overwhelmingly powerful type. It fights against Justimon.

Design: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru


Large ADR. Somewhat like the mid-stage boss in a video game. The focus is on its huge size.

Design: Kenji Watanabe

ADR-09 "D-Reaper Ball"

This form is taken to protect the Kernel Sphere, the core of the D-Reaper.

Design: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

(Cable) Reaper

The final form taken as all of the ADRs join to combine all of the D-Reaper's offensive capabilities. A physical manifestation of the Reaper, or Death. It has scythes to symbolize this.

Design: Kenji Watanabe and Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

Mother D-Reaper

A form created when the D-Reaper has unified itself, as well as the consciousness of both humans and digimon. The body is made up of countless cords, optic fibers, electrical and telephone wires.

Design: Kenji Watanabe.

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