D-Reaper Report


** Note: This text was created as part of the production notes for the series.
It was written as though it were a report by a third party.

What Is The D-Reaper?

Ever since the birth of computers, mankind has continued to attempt to create artificial life.

In the strictest sense, the "Artificial Lifeform" movement began in 1987, when Chris Langton held the first Artificial Life (A-Life) Convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico. However, many scientists and researchers had been using primitive computer graphics to create life simulations for quite some time before then.

It is unknown who first created the entity known as the D-Reaper.

It was created before Jiang-yu Wong and his fellow students worked with then-Assistant Professor Rob McCoy (aka Dolphin) as the research group known as "The Wild Bunch", creating the virtual wildlife system "Digimon (Digital Monsters)" in what would later become Silicon Valley.

The virtual creatures known as "Digignomes" were also created before the Digital Monsters, sometime around the early 1980s.

The D-Reaper was born in the late 1970s. Although this is only 30 years ago in our time, it is an ancient period of time in the world of the network(the "Digital World"), equivalent to our Cambrian Period.

The D-Reaper has only one single, simple function.

Whenever the number of lifeforms in the world it inhabits exceeds a certain number (at the time the D-Reaper was born, this world had only a small Random Access Memory size), the D-Reaper deletes them, in order to return the "world" back to a state of "nothingness".

The D-Reaper program remained deep within the recesses of the Net, in a dormant state, merely existing.

As humanity entered the third millenium, the network was expanded exponentially. At the same time, this caused a huge evolution within the Digital World. The wild digimon took the "data" hurled into their world by humans and began to evolve and change on their own.

This led to the re-activation of the D-Reaper.

However, the D-Reaper was an extremely primitive program. How did it have enough power to overcome the digimon? To this date, we do not know.

One possibility is that the D-Reaper hibernated in the depths of the Digital World, deeper even than the refuge of the Sovereigns (deities created by the digimon themselves). It may not even be a part of the world that humans created. It can be theorized that there may have been some connection to another world, a different dimension separate from the Real World and Digital World.

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