I'm sorry about that English contents have been not available enough much until now.
"lain" and "Dollhouse" contents have some English contents.
"(Japanese)" contents have some special pictures. Please enjoy these.


CJK's Filmography.(English)
Some screenplays that I wrote.(Japanese)
Image Boards that I drew myself.
CJK's serialized web essey at FUJI Film's site.(Japanese)

Konaka Brother's motion picture "Kuma-Chang".
Konaka Brother's mini TV series (live-action). (Japanese)
CJK's special creature effects on TV"The Kwaidans at school".
"Mahou Tsukai Tai!" OVA and TV series.(Japanese)
"Ultraman Tiga" (TV series) FAQ.(Japanese)
Konaka Brother's Motion Picture "The Defender"(1997).(Japanese)
"Alice in Cyberland" the Playstation Game.(Japanese)
"Fun Fun Pharmacy" TV Anime.(Japanese)
serial experiments lain
English contents are available.
"Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040" TV Anime.(Japanese)
"Ultraman Gaia" TV seriese (Japanese)
Second Season will be come soon! (English)
DIGIMON Season 3 contents.
English contents are available.
Live Action Horror Series Contents

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